Drug Screening Resource Program

About the Program

AWAKE to a  Safe & Healthy Community is a Drug Free Communities Coalition  serving the Anthony Wayne area.   All law enforcement agencies serving  this area take part in the coalition and are working together  specifically to address underage drinking, prescription drug abuse and
marijuana prevalence.

​One  of our coalition’s duties is to assess available resources within the  community that may have impact on drug and alcohol issues.
Another  such duty, equally valuable, is to partner with other  501c3organization’s that serve the Anthony Wayne area. Such an  organization
must share and deliver services that support our  mission.   A Renewed Mind is one such organization. They have partnered  with AWAKE to provide substance use educational seminars to community  members as well as provided counseling services to youth, adults and  families struggling with addiction.  Furthermore, A Renewed Mind and  AWAKE have assisted the Ohio Attorney General’s office and Lucas County  Sheriff’s Department to provide training specific to combat today’s  opiate epidemic.

Instant Drug Testing Kits. The kits will include:

1 instant on-site drug test: Opiates, THC, Amphetamines, MDM, Cocaine

1 instant alcohol test (saliva-based & results in 2 minutes)

Materials to educate parents on the types of drug teens are using, signs of substance abuse and long term effect

A parent’s guide of navigating the teen years

Numerous educational brochures on individual substances

Laboratory confirmation available for any positive test

All tests commercial grade and 99.9% accurate