APP's 101


Is a photo and video sharing app that allows users to easily share their photos and videos from a smartphone or iPad.  Like Facebook and Twitter, you are required  to establish an account. People then follow you and can"like" and  post comments on your photos and videos.


Allows users to post short "tweets".  Tweets are limited to 140 characters.  Like Facebook and Instagram, you are required to establish a profile and people then request to "Follow" you.


Is a messaging app that allows user to share pictures and videos that can only lasts a few seconds after a person views it.  While also being able to publish "stories" for all subscribed friends to view.



Is an anonymous platform that allow users to post short "yaks" that can be replied to by other anonymous users within 25 mile radius. This site has been reported for its lack of responsiveness and inability to control hate speech which can promote violence, bullying, and unsafe environments.


Is an anonymous question and answer   platform website . It allows anyone to post anonymous comments and questions to a person's profile and is increasingly being used as a means to communicate abusive, bullying and sexualised content.